I’m with Stupid
One Man. One Woman. 10,000 Years of Misunderstanding Between the Sexes Cleared Right Up.

Is God male or female? Why do women, but not men, flush public toilets with their feet? Why are men, but not women, obsessed with parallel parking? Why do women, but not men, leave eleven-minute messages on answering machines? Why do men feel guilty about nothing, and women feel guilty about everything? Was Marilyn Monroe…fat?

These philosophical quandaries, and more, are finally debated in I’m with Stupid, an uproariously funny dialogue between Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Gene Weingarten, the gleefully misogynistic Washington Posthumor columnist, and Gina Barreca, the gleefully feminist University of Connecticut professor.

The first significant book about men and women actually written by a man and a woman, I’m with Stupid is privy to the dark secrets of both sexes. It’s not a lecture, but an extended argument, a combustion of viewpoints that winds up unearthing startling truths. In the words of Gene and Gina: “Our Mars and Venus breach their orbits and collide in a screaming fireball from Hell.”

The subject matter spans art and expression, science and technology, politics and history, spirituality and religion, sex and sexuality, as well as the complex etiology, sociology, and etymology of dirty jokes. Men: Learn at last how to know for sure when you are having a fight. Women: Learn what he really means when he says “I’m sorry.” Take sides as Gene and Gina face off in a haggling challenge in which the winner manages to get the lowest price for a Mercedes S500. Or just take in the show.

I’m with Stupid is the book that finally establishes, conclusively, that women are funnier than men. And vice versa.

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I'm With Supid, Gina Barreca

Publication Information

Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: January 3, 2006
ISBN: 978-0743278881


“…amuses while instructing. When you respond with a bitchy, funny remark, you are not so much being hostile as asserting your right to be heard. You are making sure that you have the last word. And the last laugh.In Snow White, Barreca gets hers.” — People magazine

“An impassioned, wily, and often hilarious argument for women to unleash their sense of humor on the world.” —The Chicago Tribune

“Shuttles fluidly between Ivory Tower scholarship and real world experience…her text mixes personal reminiscence with good counsel…” —The Christian Science Monitor

“Barreca is a sharp analyst of women’s humor…observant, witty, acerbic, and knowledgeable.” —Los Angeles Times

“A book women will relish, one that promises it’s all OK: I’m funny, you’re funny; a book that gives the brain surgeon permission to hoot with her mouth open.” —The Hartford Courant

“Wise, liberating, and merry!” —Booklist

“Barreca offers illuminating analyses of humor as a weapon and of the Good Girl/Bad Girl dichotomy in books, movies and TV.” — Publishers Weekly

“Recommended.” —Library Journal