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    Laughing together is as close as you can get to somebody without giving them a hug. Laughing together can change everything—and Dr. Barreca’s presentations, workshops, lectures, and public conversations about life’s most fascinating–and most complex—topics will get your business, bookclub, or organization fully engaged with ideas, laughter, and one another.

    As an expert in working with all types of groups and themes, Gina customizes her talks to address your particular group’s specific needs. She doesn’t use powerpoint or any other technologies, needing only a microphone and a Diet-Coke to deliver talk because she knows that connecting with an audience means looking at their expressions and reacting to their individual responses in real-time. Your audience will feel seen and heard even as they watch and listen, because the conversation Gina offers always goes both ways. She adapts her work so that her message on your behalf is both successful and memorable.

    Offering new perspectives and original takes on a range of subjects, Gina keeps it light as well as enlightening. Dr. Barreca knows that laughter is essential in terms of being able to cope with the stresses and pressure of everyday life. Thirty-five years of work in and on the use of humor in everyday life, she knows that it helps to establish and reinforce a shared sense of community; it enhances a sense of self-esteem within a new or established community; it helps everyone to deal effectively with change. Humor demonstrates an attractively creative, inventive, and flexible approach to complex situations, difficult decisions, and nearly impossible tasks–in other words, humor helps us handle what we do all the time.

    Dr. Barreca’s events are welcoming, inclusive, engaging, and incomparably engaging. Available to appear in-person and via most virtual platforms, you can email Gina today to discuss dates, themes, fees, and more.


    Gina's talk was the highlight of entire fall lineup and certainly the most attended. Her huge audience was immensely entertained. People left raving that it had been a fabulous, wonderful evening.

    —Mary McLaughlin, The Smithsonian Associates, Washington, D.C.

    There isn't a tougher audience anywhere than a ballroom full of 1,700 professional speakers, many of whom are humorists. Gina Barreca provoked, entertained and stretched our thinking...and made us all raving fans.

    —Ian Percy, National Speakers Association and member of the Speakers Hall of Fame

    Gina Barreca hosted our annual Authors' Festival program for over five years, and the audience adored her. She's brilliant, witty, irreverent and downright funny.

    —Chris Painter, Literary Sojourn; Steamboat Springs, CO

    People are still talking about Dr. Barreca. She was a huge hit because of her interesting stories, willingness to share personal experiences and insights, and her outrageous sense of humor. She was the centerpiece of the conference and set the tone which was fun, relaxing, and energizing. I recall one member telling me: 'Gina Barreca was worth the trip.' That about sums it up.

    —Kerry G. Parker, CAE, Executive Director, Women's Dermatologic Society (WDS)

    Each year, our lucky students at the Women's Campaign School at Yale experience the passion, the brilliance, the FORCE, the amazing one woman show that is Gina! Our women, from both sides of the political aisle, as well as from other parts of the world, immerse themselves fully in the sisterhood that only Gina's unique, personal style can create. In a matter of hours with Gina, all are laughing, thinking, connecting into one fabulous community of extraordinary women. That is the magic of Gina power!

    —Patricia Russo, Executive Director, Women's Campaign School at Yale

    Past Engagements

    • Aetna
    • AFL-CIO Women’s Caucus
    • American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences
    • American Board of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
    • American Payroll Association
    • Annual Institute on Mental Health and Religion
    • Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis
    • The Avalon Lecture at Dartmouth College
    • Barnard College, Best-Selling Author Series (Marymount Manhattan College, New York)
    • Braithwaite Lecturer at the College of William and Mary
    • Broward County Sheriff’s Department
    • Chautauqua Institution Lecture Series
    • Chicago Humanities Festival
    • CIGNA
    • Colorado Association of Legal Administrators
    • Colorado Bar Association
    • Connecticut Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development
    • Fleet Capital Corporation
    • Ford Foundation Transformation Lecturer
    • Fort Worth Lecture Foundation
    • The Hartford
    • Harvard College Women’s Initiative
    • Independent Schools Association of the Central States
    • International Society for Humor’s Studies Conference
    • International Women in Leadership Conference (Australia)
    • The Middle Atlantic Cancer Counseling Association
    • National Association of Independent Schools
    • National Intra-mural Recreational Sports Association
    • New England Library Association
    • New England Society of Newspaper Editors
    • New York State Governor’s Tourism Conference
    • Oregon Women in Higher Education Conference
    • Pratt & Whitney
    • Princeton 50th Reunion
    • The Smithsonian Associates
    • United Technologies
    • University of Cincinnati Women’s Leadership Conference
    • Virginia Women Attorney’s Association
    • Women’s Dermatological Association
    • Women in Federal Law Enforcement
    • Women in Science, Dentistry, Osteopathy & Medicine Leadership Conference
    • Yale Conference on Health and Fitness
    • Yale Campaign School for Women.